Visual Perception Laboratory


    Demos from "Making a machine that sees like us" - Check the book for the description of the demos. They run on all platforms, including smart phones.

    VSS demo - Top row: can you see 6 objects? Our robot can. Bottom, blind navigation of the robot. By blind, we mean that the robot performed the navigation based on one pair of stereoscopic images acquired before moving.

    Yunfeng's web site - Several demos and illustrations from Yunfeng's work.

    Tada's web site - Several demos from Tada's work.

    Traveling Salesman Problem - Check how our model produces a tour.

    Shape from binocular disparity - This applet demonstrates the effect of visual and oculomotor noise (error) on 3D shape reconstruction, when this reconstruction is based solely on visual and oculomotor information.

    Magni-phi - We are in the process of "reviving" this demo. Set of Java Applets which demonstrate Magni-phi and related phenomena.

    Brissweb - the home of the Maryland Revolving Field Monitor (MRFM). The MRFM is a unique head and binocular eye movement recording instrument. It was developed over a 24-year period in the Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland, 20742-4411, U.S.A.

    Shape Constancy Demo- Java Applet developed by Adam Stevenson and Filip Pizlo as a complement to Pizlo, Z. & Stevenson, A. (1999) "Shape constancy from novel views". Perception & Psychophysics 61, 1299-1307.

    Cuboid Illusion: Java Applet Demo (sorry, the MPEG video is no longer available)

    A demo illustrating a new phenomenon described in a paper by Pizlo, Li, and Francis, 2005: Cubes Demo.

If you have problems with any of the demostration please contact us. We appriciate every feedback.

Live Demostration

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