Visual Perception Laboratory


    Dr. Zygmunt Pizlo - Head.

    Research Interests: shape constancy and shape veridicality, 3D scene perception, figure-ground organization, 3D shape recovery, inverse problems, regularization models, geometric invariance in human and computer vision, symmetry perception, problem solving, visuo-motor coordination, especial skill, color coding and color constancy, image quality.

    Dr. Robert M. Steinman

    Research Interests: shape constancy, figure-ground organization, visuo-motor control.BRISSWEB

    Aaron Michaux

    Research Interests: Symmetry correspondence, 3D shape recovery

    Vijai Jayadevan

    Research Interests: Symmetry correspondence, 3D shape recovery

    Ruiting Shao

    Research Interests: 3D biological motion

    Kunal Agrawal, Vikrant Satheesh

    Undergraduate assistants

    Filip Pizlo

    Research Interests: Phi Phenomenon and technical support

Former Members

    Post Docs:

    Dr. Yll Haxhimusa

    Dr. Tadamasa Sawada

    Dr. Yunfeng Li

    Dr. Terry (TaeKyu) Kwon

    Graduate Students:

    Monika Salach-Golyska (1992-1994)

    Scott Graham (1994-1998)

    Michael R. Scheessele (1994-2001)

    Christopher C. Taylor (1995-1998)

    Moses W. Chan (1996-1999)

    Wencheng Wu (1998-2000)

    Yousun Bang (2000-2004)

    Bong-sun Lee (2000-2006)

    Osman Arslan (2004-2006)

    Edgar Bernal (2004-2006)

    Buyue Zhang (2005-2007)

    Byongseok Min (2006-2009)

    Hyung Jun Park (2006-2009)

    Oh-Sang Kwon (2003-2009)

    Yunfeng Li (2003-2009)

    Sharon (Yun) Shi (2009-2013)

    Terry (TaeKyu) Kwon (2009-2015)

    Undergraduate Students:

    Stephen Sebastian

    Joseph Catrambone

    Emil Stefanov

    Zheng Li

    Kirk Loubier

    John Saalweachter

    Kevin Sanik

    Jeff Standish

    Sean Vyian




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