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Selected Publications

Problem Solving

Graham, S.M., Joshi, A. & Pizlo, Z. (2000) The traveling salesman problem: a hierarchical model. Memory & Cognition 28, 1191-1204. Open access.

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Shape Perception

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3D scene perception

Kwon, T., Li, Y., Sawada, T. & Pizlo. Z. (2016) Gestalt-like constraints produce veridical (Euclidean) percepts of 3D indoor scenes. Vision Research 126, 264-277. Open access.

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Perceptual Organization

Pizlo, Z., Salach-Golyska, M. & Rosenfeld, A. (1997). Curve detection in a noisy image. Vision Research, 37, 1217-1241. Open access.

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Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff

Pizlo, Z., Rosenfeld, A. & Epelboim, J. (1995). An exponential pyramid model of the time course of size processing. Vision Research, 35, 1089-1107. Open access.

Shelton, J.N., Chiu, G.T.-C., and Pizlo, Z. (2007) Exponentially Segmented Positioning of a Single Link Mechanism: A Control Algorithm that Satisfies Fitts' Law. In: Proceedings of the 2007 American Control Conference, pp. 5983-5988, New York City, USA, July 11-13.

Kwon, O.-S., Zelaznik, H.N., Chiu, G. & Pizlo, Z. (2011) Human Motor Transfer is Determined by the Scaling of Size and Accuracy of Movement. Journal of Motor Behavior 43, 15-26.

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